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Ramon Braga

The definition of the American dream, Ramon AKA BigRay came from humble beginnings in Brazil but now he sits amongst the top contractors in the Jersey Shore. Building homes in New Jersey since 1988 Big Ray founded BBC where he is passing down his immense experience to his sons.

Lucas Braga

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Lucas AKA Captain makes sure that BBC never loses sight of their vision and resilience. Being  the project manager for Big Ray, Captain was able to master the skills needed to succeed. As President he is ready to steer BBC into the future.

Pedro Braga

Not many could say that they were born to do something, but Pedro AKA The Rock can. Ramon’s right hand man, The Rock would sneak onto his father’s pick up since he was 5 years old. With vast experience aqcuired at such a young age Pedro now is the Head Contractor for BBC with plenty of hunger to grow.

Thiago Braga

The youngest family member Thiago AKA Little T is the engine behind this business. He has been building things in software and hardware from a young age. Always one to create things, he uses that skill for managing and marketing BBC. He's the pillar that holds this business together.