Siding Installation in New Jersey

Wondering why you’ve got more damage and fading sidings despite constant renovation year in and year out? It’s a factor of poor installation and maintenance routine. In New Jersey, Braga Brothers got you covered in solving such occurrences via its technical know-how, expertise, and handymen. Well, if you’ve never heard of Braga Brothers Contracting, now you do. We are a local business with quality delivery track records regarding siding installations in New Jersey.

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Siding Installations

Siding installation, a building exterior design approach that aids its aesthetic and thermal system, has never been a mere job for inexperienced artisans but rather the engagement of professionals. We provide siding installation services, inspection, repairs, and restoration to residential and commercial homeowners regardless of size. Our services are beneficiary to small, mild, and big business owners. Our siding installation in New Jersey is varied, with the following services.

Vinyl siding installation:

At Braga brothers, we’ve got you covered when it comes to installations and recommendations for quality vinyl siding. For quality output, our expertise provides good siding with less space between fasteners and excessive overlap in panels.

Hardie Board Siding

With top consideration for moderate contact, our experts will fix you long-lasting and durable Hardie Board Siding.

LP Smart Side

We offer LP smart siding installation with pre-finish painting, all based on client specifications.

Siding repairs and replacement

Without limitation to the extent of damage, our professionals fix dents, holes, and other damage to your sidings. We recommend the need for replacement if required and guide you through maintenance strategies to prevent further damage.


Our proficiency is not limited to the above-mentioned sidings; as we fix and install, other sidings such as Fiber Cement siding, Natural stone, Cedar siding, Aluminum siding, and many more.


Siding with a side of quality

Flat rate and transparent service.

We offer you a flat rate and transparent services via our customer service, where you will get a quotation for your work in less than 24 hours. Swift update on any questions and queries as regards our service, and clear customers’ data policy. 

Quality installation service

Our wide network of expertise, in terms of builders, engineers and managers, is not limited to giving a quality siding installation. Recommendations on the quality and quantity of materials are given with maintenance strategies.

Fund now / Pay Later

Finance your home



We offer easy and flexible financing to help our customers build their dreams.

*no impact on your credit
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Pushing the competition to the side

User-friendly website.

We provide easy navigation through our website, where customers are given the chance to fill in a form as regards quotations and any inquiries on our services. We also provide customers with a live chat for all inquiries.

Top Notch customer care service. 

Any issues or complaints regarding inquiries are attended to in less than 24hrs, and we chase customers with updates/feedback on any complaints or questions.

Guidance and recommendations.

We are keepers of long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners. With our popular culture of people and community engagement, we provide guidance and recommendations to customers as regards siding installation in New Jersey.

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Looking for top-notch siding installation in New Jersey? At Braga brothers, we provide a user-friendly website where you get the utmost response from our service provider in less than 24hrs.

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Roofing Installations

Providing solutions that meet your needs.

Residential Roofing Holmdel

Braga Brothers bring the best Residential Roofing Holmdel services right to your doorstep. Our three decades plus experience in roofing make us the right team to care for your roof.

Siding Replacement Holmdel

Siding Replacement Holmdel

Contractor in New Jersey

What our clients have been saying about us.

The quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service is impeccable to say the least. The crew that did my roof were absolutely respectable to myself and property!

Their workmanship was so completely organized and thorough. I chose Braga Brothers because what they take pride in their work and doing the job right the first time every time. I will recommend them to anyone who wants a job done right and doesn’t want a contractor who is going to cut corners to put an extra dollar in their pocket . Thank you Braga Brothers !

Happy Customers
Howard Monahan

The Braga Brothers are an extremely professional, courteous, responsive family owned business. I can’t say enough good things about them. I will call them in a heartbeat if I need  additional work. Before I used them they had all 5 star ratings and I am more than happy to give them another 5 star review.

Happy Customers
Ernie Cifaldi
Homeowner / Roof installation

Had my roof done a few days ago, top-notch service. Everything from communication to attention to detail was 100% on point. I am a local contractor and can honestly say this is the first time any contractor has impressed me. Love that they are local and family on. Keep crushing it goes you’re amazing

Happy customer
Scott Casey
Homeowner / Roof installation

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Are you ready to upgrade your home's siding or roofing? Let the experts at Braga Brothers Home Siding and Roofing Services in Holmdel help you find the perfect solution for your home. We offer a wide range of siding and roofing services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, to meet all of your needs.
To get started, simply request a free visit and quote from one of our experienced contractors. We will come to your home, assess your siding or roofing needs, and provide you with a written quotation outlining the cost and scope of work. With Braga Brothers, you can count on transparent pricing, top-quality workmanship, and unparalleled customer service. Don't wait – contact us today to schedule your free visit and quote.

Contractors in New Jersey

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